Meet the team

More than the sum of the parts

The Square Mile is a team of language professionals. Your language programme is a result of the partnership between our professional training managers and trainer team. The training manager is your single point of contact for all commercial and organisational aspects and manages all aspects of the relationship from first contact to post-course care.

Meet our training managers

The training manager is the cornerstone of our relationship with you as a client. They learn about you, identify learning needs and develop an understanding of what works in your organisation. Would you like to know more? We would be delighted to meet you in person or by phone to help in any way we can.

Meet the trainers

Over the years we have built a unique network of professional trainers. We regularly meet, observe and assess our trainers and have built up extensive knowledge of their strengths. Once we have met you, we identify the best possible match based on background, learning needs and personality and build up a pool of trainers who share knowledge about you as a client, guaranteeing excellent service, quality and a personal touch for a long-term relationship with you as a client.