The Netherlands has created a unique position in the world-wide energy market. With major interests in oil and natural gas and an increasing role as an electricity network provider, the sector is extremely valuable to the Dutch economy. In such a dynamic environment, language skills are essential to relationship building. Invest your own energy in a technical Geman course or a Dutch course for expats and expand your horizons.

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Our clients belong to some of the world’s largest energy companies. They build and maintain electricity networks, install offshore wind-parks and trade on the world markets. They all have one thing in common – their employees need to communicate effectively and safely in different languages whether it be an expat who lives in the Netherlands and needs to speak Dutch or an engineer using technical German to communicate with his German colleagues. Are you interested in investing energy in your international contacts? A tailor-made, in-company language training programme from The Square Mile guarantees progress, focus on your specific needs and a high level of service. For individuals or groups of colleagues.

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