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How we work has changed dramatically, with many of us working from home, meeting remotely in small or large groups via Teams or Zoom. Language and communication are still essential but the channels have changed. If your work requires you to communicate in other languages, an online business language training course with The Square Mile can help you perform effectively in another language.

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Language connects. Language is more than words or grammar, it extends to facial expressions, gestures, tone and style. Interaction with others is essential. At The Square Mile our online courses are trainer-led; a 30-hour online language course means 30 hours of live contact with your trainer. Through web conferencing you interact live with your trainer and other students if you’re in a group. You actively practise  your language skills and build confidence in the target language. Live contact hours are supplemented by self-study assignments to consolidate knowledge.

Virtual Classroom

Our online language training is platform independent; we can use the platform required or preferred by you and your organisation. At The Square Mile, we use Teams, Zoom and Google Meets regularly, all of which offer a Virtual Classroom with an interactive whiteboard and breakout rooms (for group training, the trainer can divide participants into “rooms” for certain activities).  Lessons are highly interactive and before long, you’ll forget that you’re not sharing the same space with your trainer and fellow participants.

Tailor-made online language training

Your online business language training is tailor-made. For individual courses, you agree what you want to learn and how during a pre-course intake with your trainer. If your course is  group-based in your organisation, we will team you up with colleagues whose language level and learning objectives match yours. For all courses we draw on your work situation to make training as practical and relevant as possible.

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We are currently running more than 100 tailor-made language courses online. Why not try it out for yourself? Contact us to discuss your training needs or for a free trial lesson. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Language courses overview

Language courses overview