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With around 150 million inhabitants and vast reserves of oil and natural gas, Russia has become an important parter to the Netherlands since the fall of communism. Doing business with Russian organisations requires a strong understanding of the business culture. A basic command of the Russian language allows you to develop knowledge of the business, political and cultural context within which you and your partners operate. Follow a business Russian language course from The Square Mile and build a better business relationship with your contacts.

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Which business language training suits you?

Which business language training suits you?

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Cyrillic  script

Your initial development of a  basic command of the Russian language rests upon your learning the Cyrillic script and pronunciation the language. Russian has fewer references to most west European languages and as such takes longer to learn than than other European languages for Germanic or Latin based speakers. However, a foundation course of 30-40 hours provies you with a foundation from which to build. You should be able to recognise words and signs, identify familiar words and phrases and before you know it, ask directions or order a meal.

Develop independence through Russian language training

A good command of Russian allows you to operate independently from a translator and offers you the freedom to travel and work as you see fit. Your initial foundation Russian language course of 30-40 hours provides you with the basics. If you wish to develop enough language skills to operate independently, a more in-depth programme of 100-120 hours wll be required.

The Square Mile’s Russian language trainers speak a variety of languages including English and Dutch, providing you with easy access to the language. In contrast to our other languages, we have expressly chosen for non-native trainers for Russian as they know the challenges associated with learning the language, have western European language training qualifications and can use your native language as an access point if required.

Tailored (business) Russian language courses

The Square Mile provides tailored language courses. Your Russian programme is developed around your objectives, level and context. You can choose from an in-company or external location and follow the course individually or with colleagues. The intensity, scheduling and content are all adapted to your needs. Contact us today to find out more.

Foundation Russian course, level 1 (A1)

The basic Russian course is intended for participants with little or no knowledge of Russian. You focus initially on developing simple routines, vocabulary and structures to communicate in daily situations for example in a shop or at the station. The reading and writing aspects focus on simple, reoccurring themes such as completing standard forms and short e-mails. Your personal background and learning context determines as much of the choice of materials as possible. The programme takes between 40 and 60 hours, split across lessons of 2 to 3 hours over 2 to 16 weeks. Individual or group format, in-company.

Business Russian course, level 2 (A2)

You already have a simple knowledge of Russian and can determine words, sentences and phrases related to daily activities. Your A2 level Russian course aims to develop your knowledge and skills in a simple business environment. Answering the phone, finding out a little about people, following instructions, writing basic e-mails and conducting exchanges are all part of the programme. Specific aspects of your work take a more prominent position in the course as we start to use your own materials more often i.e. technical manuals, price lists, product line-ups, safety protocols or organisational charts. The programme takes between 40 and 60 hours, split across lessons of 2 to 3 hours over 2 to 16 weeks. Individual or group format, in-company.

Business Russian course, level 3 (B1)

Your command of Russian allows you to have short conversations and read short letters, e-mails or adverts within a clear context. This B1 level Business Russian programme aims to improve your speaking skills so you can function in your work within the context of daily situations. Giving instructions, presenting your products and services succinctly, offering opinions, agreeing and disagreeing and developing a working knowledge of writing conventions are examples of linguistic functions covered. Use of your daily materials and situations allows your trainer to tailor more of the content to your needs, moving towards a more free-flowing use of Russian. The programme takes between 30 and 40 hours, split across lessons of 2 to 3 hours over 2 to 16 weeks. Individual or group format, in-company.