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The Square Mile operates in all major sectors of the economy including the financial sector, public sector, healthcare, engineering and manufacturing, engineering, offshore and ICT. We use this experience to tailor our approach to your specific programme programme, trainer and materials to your needs. Whichever sector you work in.

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Our experience in your sector

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Proven track record across all sectors

The Square Mile has been operating continuously and independently since 2002. Our client base is diverse; in the last 2 years alone we have provided tailor-made language training to more than 150 client organisations from across the economy. On average, our clients have been with us for more than 4 years, allowing us to develop knowledge of the sector, their business and specific needs and be up to date on the latest developments and trends.

Tailor-made language training

Are you considering following or sourcing a Business English training course, a technical German course or perhaps a financal French programme? We would be delighted to meet you, either in person or remotely (online) to get to know you a little. Only then can we provide you with an offer for a high quality language training programme tailor-made to the needs of the participant, your company and sector. Please contact us for more information.