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The ICT and telecommunications sector has brought us closer together. Our clients are the largest telecommunications companies in the Netherlands, make online payment possible and develop software for efficient processes. They all have one common denominator: the need to communicate effectively, more often than not in English. Follow a Business English for ICT programme with The Square Mile and move closer to your clients.

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International communication within the ICT and telecommunications world is becoming more important every day. Whilst some services are being sent offshore, shortages in personnel are leading to recruitment from China, India or Eastern Europe. Within this environment, excellent communication and a cross-cultural understanding of your colleagues are must- have skills. The Square Mile has a team of language training professionals with experience in your sector. We are ready to can help you develop a deeper knowledge of English in an ICT environment or support your international colleagues to integrate in the Netherlands by learning Dutch. We teach relevant, practical lessons use a blend of traditional and modern methodology supported by a good sense of humour and the ability to involve your whole team.

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