Look beneath the skin and we’re all the same. Worldwide we are affected by the same health issues and challenges and the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly global, from drug companies to knowledge exchange between hospicals and organ donation and transplantation. Good language skills are essential to keeping up with the pace of change. Whether it be academic English or Dutch for nursing, The Square Mile can help.

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The healthcare industry is vast. Our clients battle against diabetes and cancer, develop plasma products and provide transplant services in the Netherlands. They work in academic teaching hospitals and answer the phone at the dentist’s surgery! If you work in the healthcare industry we can help you improve your academic English or medical vocabulary. We provide Dutch for nursing staff or encourage visiting specialists learn Dutch for their daily work and BIG registration. Our programmes are delivered in-company throughout the Netherlands to either individuals or small groups of colleagues. Examples include helping hospital staff learn Dutch, teaching production staff to write better daily QCS reports in English or providing specialist Dutch training for pharaceutical cleaners.

If this sounds like a healthy approach to language learning, please contact us to find out more.