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Develop your confidence in a second language

Learn to the language of your business through the focussed approach of The Square Mile and reap the benefits, both now and in the future.

Business language courses

Which approach suits you best?

A workshop Dutch with colleagues, an immersion course presenting in German or an individual language training programme. Incompany or online.


Tailored courses

The quality of The Square Mile

Our customer-oriented approach

We tailor-make in-company and online language courses for you and your company. An individual online programme or in-company training with a group of colleagues. A workshop or immersion course. This means sustainable quality, customization and support from A to Z!


Tailored courses

Tailor-made to your sector

The Square Mile operates in all major sectors of the economy including the financial sector, public sector, healthcare, engineering and manufacturing, engineering, offshore and ICT. We use this experience to tailor our approach to your specific programme, trainer and materials to your needs. Whichever sector you work in.


Tailor-made to your sector

Ik vind deze individuele training erg prettig. Ik leer erg veel. Ik praat alleen maar Engels met Jill. In 1e instantie erg moeilijk, maar ik heb geleerd dat wanneer ik een woord niet weet, ik probeer te...

Our quality marks

Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. That is why we are affiliated with the leading quality labels.

Roberto Bacchilega

More than the sum of the parts

The Square Mile is a team of language professionals. Your language programme is a result of the partnership between our professional training managers and trainer team. The training manager is your single point of contact for all commercial and organisational aspects and manages all aspects of the relationship from first contact to post-course care.