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Our clients ensure financial stability in the Netherlands and Europe. They work for major banks and invest in developing economies in Africa, Eastern Europe and South America. They all share the same belief that business relationships are of crucial importance to business success. Their foreign language skills determine how well they can build these relationships and they turn to The Square Mile for financial English, financial Spanish or financial French language training.

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Financial English: combining language with figures

Financial English is so much more than communicating about figures. WIth strong language skills you can consult, negotiate, direct, instruct and present. Facts, interpretations and opinions come to life and you can play a full part in the business process. The Square Mile can help you communicate effectively and efficiently in a range of languages. We offer a range of programmes from Dutch immersion courses, business French and financial Spanish to financial training for senior supervisory staff, as an individual or part of a team of colleagues, always in-company, always focused on your sector.

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