The Netherlands is known as the land of flowers. In terms of value, the agricultural sector is of vital importance internationally. Perhaps no other sector in the Netherlands is as international, with flowers, fruit and vegetables being exported to every corner of the globe. Increasingly, Dutch growers are exporting their knowledge to foreign fields, with production facilities in Africa and southern Europe. Language skills have made this possible, supported by tailored language training from The Square Mile whether it be a Dutch course for the shop-floor or French, Spanish or Russian for the sales team.

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Dutch course for production employees.

Our agricultural clients are at home throughout the world. They design production systems for growers, build glasshouses, trade on the auctions and produce genetic referencing and certification for new strains. Their commercial employees speak multiple languages and view this as one of the fundamental skills required. More recently, with the influx of workers in the Netherlands from abroad, clients are requesting Dutch courses for Polish employees for example, to help improve productivity, ensure safe working practices and develop good ties with employees. Always tailored to specific needs, in-company and on an individual or group basis.

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