The Square Mile Complaints Policy & Procedure The Square Mile Public Sector Training BV / The Square Mile Private Sector Training BV

Customer satisfaction is central at The Square Mile. At the beginning of each course, we request trainers review objectives with participants and we encourage continual review and two-way feedback for the duration of the course. In the unlikely event that of a complaint, our policy is as follows:

  1. Please discuss the complaint initially with the trainer involved.
  2. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, please contact The Square Mile by e-mail or by the complaint form on our website. Receipt will be acknowledged by return.
  3. TSM will contact you and the trainer to investigate.
  4. The background and contractual agreements will be reviewed.
  5. TSM will contact you and / or the commissioning client to discuss findings.
  6. A decision will be reached and confirmed to the client in writing.
  7. The complaint will be closed.

Under normal circumstances complaints will be dealt with within 7 working days.

If the you are in any way dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaints procedure, your concerns will be referred to the independent mediator,