‘Entertaining and educational Dutch language Pub-quiz’

The Square Mile has been irreplaceable for us since the start of our partnership with them in 2014. As the Dutch internet payment specialist, Adyen has developed an international orientation. Our employees hail from all four corners of the globe and do business across the world. Excellent language skills are therefore crucial. The Square Mile provides English and German training for Adyen and also Dutch conversation courses . Their recent initiative was the icing on the cake: they organised a Dutch language pub quiz as kick-off for the latest round of Dutch conversation courses.

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I wanted to do something a little bit special for the 35 new participants on the Dutch conversation classes. Something enjoyable, educational and different that people could look forward to and remember and which would contribute towards teambuilding. We decided on a pub-quiz and the event was spot-on. The Square Mile came up with a range of serious, less serious and downright silly questions in Dutch about the Netherlands, language and culture that that the teams could answer and came up with some bonus questions on the spot. “How many provinces are there in the Netherlands?” “Which languages are spoken?” “What’s in a bitterbal?” (for those who don’t know, the answer is… “you don’t want to know….”)

Learning should be enjoyable

The fun aspects of the pub-quiz went down well, along with the Dutch beers, cheese and bitterballen. All present had an extremely “gezellige” evening, both participants and trainers from The Square Mile and I still hear people talking about it. The event has stimulated enquiries for new courses and who knows, it may become an annual event. Organised of course by The Square Mile. Because learning languages should be enjoyable.

Foto van Tré Sweeney

Tré Sweeney, 27 oktober 2017
Knowledge Manager Adyen

Ik vind deze individuele training erg prettig. Ik leer erg veel. Ik praat alleen maar Engels met Jill. In 1e instantie erg moeilijk, maar ik heb geleerd dat wanneer ik een woord niet weet, ik probeer te omschrijven wat ik wil zeggen en dat lukt aardig! Inmiddels is het zo dat na 1 uur les, ik niet eens meer in het Nederlands kan denken.

We just finished my intensive Italian course today and I wanted to send you a specific email to congratulate Roberto.

He is one of the most skilled language teachers I have ever had (and there has been a lot). He immediately understood my needs and shaped the course to satisfy exactly my demands. Apart from the actual content of the course, he also made it in a way that it turned to be an entertaining and motivating experience, not to mention how useful it has already proven to be for my work

David, Technical Specialist, 6 October 2017