Michelle McManus

Michelle McManus

Michelle McManus, from Ireland, is one of the training managers at The Square Mile. Providing tailor-made language training that matches your practical work requirements is her core business.

Hand-picked, tailor-made language training

Each organisation and each training need is unique. For this reason Michele wants to get to know your business before she advises you about made-to-measure training. At The Square Mile, Michele has the freedom and space to do this. What makes our organisation special for Michele is the balance between the business-like approach and the personal touch.  All her colleagues are selected with the same care that she takes organising tailor-made training for you. Are you looking for an intensive Business English course about a specific subject? Do you want to perfect the Dutch writing skills of your employees? Do you want to learn grammar without using a book? For Michele, no challenge is too big.

Language education is important for a place in the global village

Michele has professional experience in six different countries. She speaks fluent English, French and Dutch. She has been living in the Netherlands for twenty years and has been with The Square Mile since February 2015. Language skills are key in business communication. The Dutch are known for their language skills and it needs to stay that way.  The Netherlands also needs to maintain its position in the global village that the world is increasingly becoming. How? First through a good grasp of your own language and in addition, a foreign language. Michele’s advice to businesses: keep investing in the language skills of your staff; that is of the utmost importance!