Moninne Kellaghan

Moninne Kellaghan

Originally from Ireland, Moninne Kellaghan has been working for The Square Mile since 2007. As training manager, Moninne organises large and small training courses throughout the Netherlands. Planning is one of her most important skills. She loves the challenge of identifying the language needs and learning goals of clients from many different backgrounds and working together to create an effective language training course.

Knowledge of the international business world

Moninne studied Applied Languages and Human Resource Management. Before she came to the Netherlands in 2003,  she worked in Germany, the UK and the USA for various companies including consultancy, software and in the fashion industry. She gained her professional language training qualification in the Netherlands and discovered the business language training world. Moninne’s broad, international experience gives her the necessary knowledge to organise a good, tailor-made language training courses.

Language training for competitive edge

In a small country such as the Netherlands it is important to be competitive. Moninne believes one of the keys to success is a knowledge and understanding of other cultures and languages. If you can communicate in a focused, clear and persuasive manner in the language of your clients you will stand out from the crowd and get ahead of the rest. Do you want to strengthen your competitive edge? Then consider a language training course with The Square Mile.  With Moninne as training manager you are guaranteed a well-planned, made-to-measure business language course.