Kate Rose

Kate Rose

Kate Rose, from Scotland, is our Training and Quality Specialist. She manages the accounts of large companies and she organises a variety of language training courses for smaller companies. It is therefore her responsibility to guarantee the quality of The Square Mile’s courses, processes and procedures. How? By organising lesson observations and specific, targeted courses for our trainers.


From all round trainer to committed organiser

Kate came to the Netherlands after finishing her degree in English. At first, she worked in Tourism and as a HR-professional. Once she had qualified as a language trainer, she gave English courses in a wide variety of businesses and industries, from tailored individual language training to in-company courses for professionals including estate agents, lawyers and sports footwear manufacturers. She has been involved with the Square Mile as a Training and Quality Specialist since 2008. Here she is able to put all her knowledge and experience to good use to ensure that The Square Mile continues developing and remains the best language institute in the Netherlands.


The individual comes first for effective language training

Kate enjoys working for The Square Mile. She is part of a committed team for whom each individual participant is always number one. Kate feels that the best way to ensure an effective and successful training course is to get to know the individual client and company first, and then decide on the best approach, teaching method and course materials. She knows the strengths and qualities of all the trainers and is able to promote their expertise and enthusiasm. Our trainers also put the participants first. So do you want to overcome your fear of learning a foreign language? At The Square Mile we genuinely think with you about how we can do this.