Diana Huizinga

Diana Huizinga

As one of the training managers at The Square Mile, Diana organises tailored Business language training. Diana doesn’t place value on a one-size-fits-all approach, but thrives on the challenge of organising made-to-measure language training courses. Every organisation and every  training request is unique, so Diana gets to know your company in-depth before she comes up with a proposal for a language training course that is tailor-made for you.


Specialist in problem-free, tailor-made training

Diana has 19 years’ experience in the hotel industry, including in the marketing department of a large hotel chain. Service provision is second nature to Diana, and as such she is fully involved and thinks with the client every step of the way from the intake interview stage, right up to the end of course evaluations. When you decide to embark on a business language training course, you want only the best for your staff. Quality over price provides you with the best results. You are in excellent hands with Diana, she specialises in providing problem-free, tailor-made language training.


Tailor-made language training is a puzzle

Alongside her role as training manager, Diana also looks after the training administration and organises team meetings. In addition, she supports other training managers with large training projects. Diana really enjoys the diversity her job involves. Diana started working at The Square Mile in 2014 and has really found her place in the training industry.  Developing a tailor-made language training course together with you offers her a challenge that she finds really rewarding. Fitting the pieces of the puzzle together to create a language training programme that meets your needs and matches your organisation.