Apply for subsidy for Dutch training between 1 January 2023 and 28 February 2023

If your business invests in Dutch training for your employees, then the government programme Tel Mee Met Taal can help. The programme offers co-financing for Dutch training for employees with Dutch skills lower than B1 level with a maximum of €1000 per participant available (maximum subsidy per company €125.000). The application process is simple and we can help if required.

The new application round opens on January 1 2023 and €3.35m in funding is available. Should the applications exceed €3.35m, awards will be allocated on the  basis of a draw. Our clients have benefitted signicantly from Tel Mee Met Taal, with more than €100.000 being allocated to them  in 2020, 2021 en 2022.

What do you need to know?

  • The TMMT subsidy is intended for employees who speak little or no Dutch, regardless of educational background or nationality.
  • The subsidy is applied for by the employer. Employees must live and work in the Netherlands.
  • Employers may not use theTMMT in combination with other sources of public funding for language courses.
  • Employers must work with an accredited training organisation such as The Square Mile. The application must include an Activity Plan which contains a description of the training programme, duration, number of participants, intake methodology and cost.
  • The training organisation uses an approved digital tool to assess participants’  start levels. If the start level of the participants makes this impractical, the training organisation may ask accredited trainers to complete an oral assessment. The training organisation must also make clear how progress will be assessed.
  • The training programme must contain a minimum of 30 contact hours (face-to-face and/or online e.g. Teams or Zoom).
  • The total direct training costs may not exceed €1500 per participant.

How to submit your application

  • Contact The Square Mile to discuss your wishes and agree a plan. The Square Mile will draw up a plan based on the employer’s needs and the TMMT guidelines.
  • The employer reviews the Activity Plan to ensure it meets the TMMT guidelines as it is their responsibility to do  so. Please visit for more detail.
  • The Activity Plan is written to ensure both compliance with and maximum benefit from the TMMT programme and is compatible with the application process.
  • The employer submits the subsidy application online by 28 February 2023. Please note, only those with a legal signatory capacity can submit the application.

Administrative responsibilities

The employer keeps  clear, concise and specific records regarding the subsidy application including course dates, participants and course results and makes these available for audit if required.


The employer is responsible for accountability in the event of receiving  aTMMT subsidy. For more information, please visit this site.

Questions? Please contact The Square Mile and ask for Richard or Irene on 071 532 3356.