“One of the best courses I’ve taken”

‘Hands down this was one of the best courses I have taken. Learning new languages has always been a bit of a challenge for me so I had some reservations about signing up initially. However, after the first class any pre-existing reservations I had quickly disappeared.

A ton of patience

The classes were very well presented and interactive. My utmost compliments to Joan for this as it takes a ton of patience and skills to help a group of individuals with differing language skills, backgrounds, etc. to collectively learn a new language at a pace that accommodates everyone.

A real game changer

Over the past few months my understanding of Dutch has vastly improved, which allowed me to become more aware of my surrounds (i.e. announcements on trains when experiencing technical difficulties, communicating with people in stores and restaurants etc). This has really been a game changer for me and I am truly grateful to have had this opportunity.’

Melissa Night

Lendahand Rotterdam