Language Training Autumn 2020
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Language Training Autumn 2020

No doubt you are aware of the new Covid-19 measures implemented by the government. Once again, these measures will impact on our daily lives and we bear the responsibility to implement them as best we can. How does this affect your courses with us?

Language training online wherever possible

We’ve been providing business language training through Teams, Webex and Zoom since March, enabling us to provide continuity of service during a difficult period. More than 1000 participants have successfully completed individual and group online courses with us and we are delighted with the feedback and results. Additionally, we have taken account of possible new measures in the design of new in-company courses, ensuring we can switch to online training as and when required. As a result:

  • Are you or a colleague currently following an individual, in-company programme with us? In light of the current measures, we strongly advise switching the programme to online or hybrid teaching through Teams, Zoom or Webex.
  • Are you or colleagues participating in a group course and the participants are working from home? We will transfer the course to an online platform (Teams, Webex, Zoom) and arrange the specifics with the participants.

In-company courses are still available

If there are specific circumstances which warrant an in-company course, then we will continue to provide training at your location. We ask you to comply with both RIVM and our own Covid-19 protocol. Should your trainer be unable or unwilling to teach in-company then we will provide you with a replacement.

Stay in touch

As a valued customer, you have come to expect tailored solutions and a constant focus on your needs from us. Given our experience of the last 6 months and our investment in online training capacity, we are confident that we can continue to provide you with the training you require in the coming months. Should you have any questions regarding our training policy, please contact me direct. If you have questions regarding a specific course, please call your account coordinator who will be happy to help.

Richard Brame

Director, The Square Mile