Language training for Sanquin employees

Welcome to the website of The Square Mile (TSM). We provide tailor-made courses in various languages. The information below is specific to Sanquin employees. Since 2011, The Square Mile has provided in-company work-related Dutch and English language training at all levels for Sanquin. In the years since, we have helped over 500 Sanquin employees to improve their language skills.

What do we offer?

TSM offers intensive and practical lessons in which your personal learning needs are central. As a result of our many years working with Sanquin, we are very familiar with the organisation. TSM has a network of trainers who are highly-educated native speakers and are familiar with medical/scientific vocabulary and Sanquin-specific jargon. Course participants really appreciate this as it means we can adapt courses and materials to their needs. Courses are at all levels – from beginner to advanced, in both Dutch and English.

Both individual and group courses (max. 6) are available. In groups, it is important that the participants have similar language levels and learning objectives. Courses always take place at Sanquin (Plesmanlaan Amsterdam or other Sanquin locations).

We have also developed a special English for Donor Assistants programme. Please contact us for more information (contact details below).

What is expected of you?

Your learning goals are central. Lessons are intensive and practical. We therefore expect you to participate actively in lessons and provide examples from your everyday work situations to practise with.  In addition, alongside the lesson hours, you will need to plan hours for self-study and practice (ideally as many hours as you spend in the lessons themselves). Finally, we will regularly ask you for feedback so that the trainer can constantly adapt to your needs and wishes.

Registration process

If you have decided to follow a course (after consulting with your manager/team leader), you can register using the form on the Sanquin Intranet. After registration, we will contact you to arrange a personal intake with a trainer in order to assess your start level, learning objectives and specific wishes. We will then also discuss the course planning with you: 30 or 40 hours (individual or group), with 1x 2.5 or 3 hour lesson per week. More intensive courses are also possible, for example 2 lessons per week or daily lessons for a short period. Once the course proposal has been approved by your manager, the TSM training manager will arrange your course from start to finish.

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle McManus (TSM training manager for Sanquin) on 06-19979401; mail .