Responsibility protocol for in-company business training


This protocol provides clarity for The Square Mile (TSM) personnel, clients and all participants on how an in-company business training course held during the corona virus should be organised responsibly.

The content of this protocol is based on the NRTO (Netherlands Training and Education Board) protocols, the regulations imposed by the Dutch Government, the RIVM (Institute for Public Health) guidelines, the Government’s ‘Working Together Safely’ protocol, and TSM’s insights.

The protocol focuses on health.  Its objective is to provide all concerned with timely information on how in-company business courses can be organised, creating a safe environment which enables everyone to participate physically (again) within the guidelines. This protocol will be amended as necessary to reflect new guidelines and regulations.

This protocol is a (temporary) addition to The Square Mile’s  General Terms and Conditions.


  • The safety of participants, The Square Mile personnel and trainers is at all times paramount.
  • The Square Mile trainers and staff are ‘guests’ of the client during an in-company business course.
  • RIVM guidelines are the benchmark for everyone involved.
  • This protocol focuses on hygiene and safety measures.
  • The client is deemed to have implemented the relevant sector protocols and is responsible for ensuring a safe and hygienic in-company training location.
  • If there is any uncertainty, in-company business training will (again) be provided remotely via Teams, Zoom or another suitable platform.

Hard and fast rules: Hygiene and safety


The RIVM guidelines take precedence. This means:

  • We stay at least 1.5m away from others.
  • we wash our hands frequently and thoroughly.
  • we do not shake hands.
  • we cough/sneeze into our elbow.
  • we stay at home if we or someone in our family has symptoms.

The RIVM guidelines also impose hygiene measures. This means that at the business location (at the entrances to the buildings and other accessible places) the following products are available:

  • anti-bacterial hand sanitiser and/or soap
  • paper towels
  • surface sprays

For The Square Mile

  • We work with only one trainer per course.
  • We restrict participants to a maximum of 8 per group.
  • We ask clients to confirm during the proposal stage that a suitable room is available.
  • We ask our trainers to familiarise themselves with the specific measures in place for each (in-company) training location.
  • We instruct our trainers that they and their participants must address undesirable behaviour if the rules are broken.
  • We assign responsibility for the protocol to the on-site client and participants, i.e. he/she speaks with any participant who does not comply with the protocol and if necessary takes appropriate measures.
  • We provide lesson materials in a format which does not require participants to share them.
  • If there is any uncertainty, we authorise our trainers to ask the client to take immediate action and, if necessary, to stop the training session.
  • If it becomes necessary for the trainer to self-isolate, we will reschedule the lesson or replace the trainer.

If there are updates to these arrangements, they will be communicated via the normal channels.

For the client

  • For an in-company business course, it is your responsibility to provide a spacious, clean, well-ventilated and hygienic in-company training location conforming to the RIVM and sector protocols.
  • We will agree with you in advance what kind and size of room will be used. However, if on the training day the room is not suitable, the trainer is authorised not to proceed with the lesson. In this situation, the cost of the lesson will be invoiced.
  • You inform the trainer and participants of the measures in place at the location you have designated.
  • Participants are not allowed to change to another group during the course. If a participant is absent for an extended period, before a replacement participant is assigned to the course you discuss this with The Square Mile.
  • Should any of the participants be required to stay at home as a result of sickness or quarantine measures, the lesson will take place online. Each participant should have access to a computer.
  • If there is any uncertainty, the training will be provided remotely through Zoom, Teams or another suitable platform. The agreed timetable remains unchanged and extra costs arising from any changes are for the client’s own account.

For personnel, trainers and participants at the in-company training location

  • You maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from each other at all times.
  • You wear a face mask in all public areas at the in-company training location. You can remove the face mask once you have reached your regular seat or personal space. As soon as you move away from your regular seat or personal space, you put the face mask back on.
  • Participants ensure that the trainer is aware of specific measures at the location.
  • You do not share lesson materials during the course.
  • You keep items clean and disinfect them.
  • You use public transport only when there is no other option.
  • You stay at home if you have (mild) signs of illness, a runny or blocked nose, a sore throat, a mild cough, a temperature above 38C. Remote training is also possible if you have mild symptoms. If in doubt, contact TSM.
  • You do not attend the course if someone in your household has a fever (38 degrees or higher) and/or respiratory problems.