Responsibility protocol for in-company business training


This protocol provides clarity for The Square Mile (TSM) personnel, clients and all participants on how an in-company business training course should be organised responsibly now we are learning to live with Corona. The content of this protocol is based on  the regulations imposed by the Dutch Government, the RIVM (Institute for Public Health) guidelines and TSM’s insights.

This protocol is an addition to The Square Mile’s  General Terms and Conditions.


  • RIVM guidelines are the benchmark for everyone involved.
  • The safety of participants, The Square Mile personnel and trainers is at all times paramount.
  • The Square Mile trainers and staff are guests at the customer’s location during in-company training.
  • The client is deemed to have implemented the relevant sector protocols and is responsible for ensuring a safe and hygienic location.
  • If there is any uncertainty, in-company business training will (again) be provided remotely via Teams, Zoom or another suitable platform.

Hygiene and safety – general

The RIVM guidelines take precedence. This means:

  • We wash hands frequently and thoroughly
  • We cough/sneeze into our elbow
  • Locations are well ventilated
  • We test when we have symptoms
  • We stay at home if we test positive

For The Square Mile

  • If a trainer stays at home as a result of a positive test, we will reschedule the lesson or move it online (Teams or Zoom) in consultation with the participant (s).
  • Should a trainer have serious grounds to suspect a case of Corona amongst the participants, he or she has the right to take appropriate measures immediately and/or move the session online.

For the client

  • For an in-company business course, it is the client’s responsibility to provide a spacious, clean, well-ventilated and hygienic in-company training location conforming to the RIVM and sector protocols.
  • Should the training location fail to meet the hygiene standards, the trainer may cancel the lesson. The lesson will then be considered as ‘lost’.
  • Should any of the participants be required to stay at home due to a positive test result, the lesson will take place online if they are well enough to participate. 

For personnel, trainers and participants at the in-company training location

  • If you have Corona-like symptoms, take a self-test or test at the GGD, even when you only have mild symptoms and/or are vaccinated/boostered. 
  • If anyone in your household has Corona, please let The Square Mile know before the lesson. A colleague or the trainer may have a compelling reason to avoid contact (such as being carer for a vulnerable person). Should this be the case, the coming lessons will be moved online in consultation with the participant(s).