Language training at the LUMC

Would you like to communicate clearly with your patients or speak more forcefully with international colleagues? Improve your language skills in Dutch, English, German, French or Spanish with a tailored training from language institute The Square Mile. The Square Mile is preferred supplier for language training at the LUMC for courses in-company or elsewhere in Leiden. Please read on for all relevant information.

Tailored language training

Whether you are a specialist, nurse, staff employee or researcher at the LUMC, you can follow a language course tailored to your specific needs and at your level. You can choose between an individual course or a small group course in combination with other colleages subject to similar levels and objectives.

Professionele trainers with medical language experience

Thanks to our experience in the medical sector, we have a professional trainers network that can meet your needs. Our trainers are well-educated (near) native speakers and are familiar with the jargon required in many medical areas. If your specialist area is new to us then we work with current information to incorporate it in the programme. The programme and materials are selected to meet your specific needs and level, for example Dutch for Nursing staff, English for Medical Specialists or Academic writing.

What do we expect from you?

Your learning goals, wishes and daily situations are central to the programme. To deliver this we need active input from you and also regular feedback in terms of your experience with the course. Every programme is accompanied by homework assignments to maximise the return on investment.

What does a course cost?

A 30 hour course at the LUMC for one person costs around €2500 on average. Our services are btw-exempt (sales tax)

Next Steps?

If you are intersted in our services, please complete the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange an intake meeting to establish your level, learning objectives and other practical considerations. We then submit an offer based on these findings.

More information?
Please contact Irene Gilhuis via 071 – 532 3356 of  or complete the form below.

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