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Language training company The Square Mile offers high quality Dutch for Expats courses  to help skilled professionals adapt to life in the Netherlands.

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Employees who learn to understand and speak Dutch are not only happier, they perform better. From small talk at the coffee corner to developing a business and social network both within and beyond the workplace, learning Dutch offers huge advantages to both employer and employee. The Square Mile offers effective, enjoyable tailored courses for individuals or groups of employees. We guarantee high quality, flexibility, professional organisation and perhaps most important, enjoyable programmes.

Group Dutch Courses

The Square Mile offers small group courses (4-8 participants) through Zoom for expats from the business and scientific community. Participants both learn Dutch and meet like-minded peers, helping them to make develop their network and settle faster in the Netherlands.

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Tailored Dutch Courses.

All our Dutch courses for Expats are tailored to your needs. We take account of your objectives, availability, start level and native language and adapt the programme for more speaking, listening, reading or writing skills depending on your wishes. Commissioning The Square Mile provides you with a number of advantages:

  1. An extremely flexible service portfolio. We provide Dutch courses online, in-company or at home. We work with individuals, partners, or groups of employees. Are you or your new employee abroad? We can start the onboarding process by starting the Dutch course through Zoom or Teams.
  2. Diverse formats.  You can follow an immersion Dutch course, a semi-intensive or weekly programme. We work on the basis of blended learning, combining interaction with trainers and peers, online and offline materials and exercises and provide courses both during working hours and in the evenings and weekends.
  3. Team-building. During in-company courses, we work hard at developing rapport amongst the participants to help them get to know each other and build their informal networks. Our trainers also provide cultural guidance to help with our participants settle in the Netherlands.
  4. Quality Guarantee. The Square Mile is CRKBO, CEDEO en NRTO recognised.  Our commitment to quality has resulted in a customer satisfaction rating of 100%(CEDEO 2021) meaning you can be sure of an excellent Dutch course.

Cultural awareness

Our service provision extends further than the Dutch course alone. Our trainers understand what it’s like to move here and settle in a new country. Our Dutch for Expats courses introduce the participants to life here and the (hidden) idiosyncrasies that they will encounter. The result? Employees and spouses who settle quicker and make the move to the Netherlands more successful. Take a look at what our clients have to say.

Rates for Dutch training

Every course we provide is a little different. We have drawn together 3 packages to give you an idea of the options and prices. Please contact us for a quotation for your specific wishes:

  1. Individual, semi- intensive Dutch course for Expats. 60 hours in two weeks (3 hours of personal tuition each day and 3 hours private study) €2,680 excl. btw and travel costs.
  2. Individual, intensive Dutch course for Expats. 60 hours in one weeks (5 hours of personal tuition each day and 3 hours private study) €2,680 excl. btw and travel costs.
  3. In-Company group Dutch course. 60 hours spread across 10-15 weeks. 30 hours of group tution, 10 hours private tuition per participant, 20 hours of private study €1,266 per participant based on 8 participants. Delivered in-company or online.

All tailored Dutch courses can be offered in-company, online or at another external location. Prices may change based on your specific requirements and exclude travel, location costs and sales tax.  For more information, please contact us for a quote.


Language courses overview

Language courses overview