Training budget for Personal Development

Continuous development of skills, knowledge and experience is essential to your career development, helping you become more productive, effective and future-ready both in your current or future job. Language skills play a vital role in job mobility in our internationalised world and a strong command of Dutch, English, French, Spanish or German can open doors both with your current and future employers. Why not use your personal training budget to follow a tailored language course focussed on your specific objectives and business context?

Improve your language skills using your personal training budget

The Square Mile provides vocational language training to a wide range of business clients across diverse sectors including telecoms, banking, manufacturing and horticulture. We can provide programmes for personal training budgets either for you individually, or together with a group of colleagues, allowing you to invest in a worthwhile language training to improve your career prospects in the Netherlands and abroad.

Combine personal training budgets to maximise return

A number of our customers make use of structural personal training budgets. Some encourage international employees to use this budget to invest in Dutch training from beginners through to advanced level. Programmes take place either in-company or through Zoom, Webex or Teams.

Employees can register individually or as a group. We then assess the individual start levels, learning objectives and availability of the participants and combine colleagues where possible in smaller groups. This enables us to provide longer courses and maximise the benefits of investing in language training for both the individual and the organisation. One of our clients uses their budgets for Dutch as follows:

  • an individual can purchase 10 hours of personal Dutch coaching;
  • two colleagues combine budgets and receive 18 hours of tailored Dutch training;
  • three colleagues combine budgets and receive 24 hours of tailored Dutch training;
  • four colleagues combine budgets and receive 32 hours of Dutch training.

Are you or your organisation interested in using personal development budgets to improve your (Dutch) language skills? Contact us today to find out more.