English360. Online English learning from The Square Mile
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English360. Online English learning from The Square Mile

Technology is becoming more and more important in both our personal and professional lives. We all take advantage of shopping online, watching movies, reading books and listening to music so why not learn online.  E-learning has in fact become a bit of “buzz” word in the training arena but what can it do? Well, we think we’ve found the answer.

English360 – Cambridge University Press from Atelier Transfert on Vimeo.

The Square Mile and internet learning

The Square Mile believes that internet learning can extend the learning experience beyond the classroom and encourage delegates to learn independently. We have been using different online packages for English since 2009. Following extensive research we have chosen English360, a partnership with Cambridge University Press. The platform extends learning beyond the classroom, allowing learners to complete tasks and revise topics at their own pace and at a time/place convenient to them. We as trainers coach, review work, provide feedback and create interesting and relevant tasks and activities.

We have an exclusive partnership with English360 here in the Netherlands and as such can adapt material from you (the participant), your organization, your department and also from other online sources such as news websites, podcasts etc. We also have access through the platform to wide-ranging and dynamic resources from Cambridge University Press which allow us to produce online listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises that meet your particular needs and are relevant to your function whether you work in HR, Finance or any other department within your organization.

Results so far

We and our students have found English360 to be a motivating experience with its range of multimedia content – videos, audio – as well as automatically marked interactive activities that let learners see how their language is improving. This solution gives us the enviable position of a market leader when it comes to e-learning here in the Netherlands.

So e-learning can be fun, accessible and relevant in today’s modern world. If you want to know  more, please contact us to share your ideas and see how we can help.

Language courses overview

Language courses overview