Dutch language courses at Adyen

Speaking Dutch is key to really making yourself at home in the Netherlands. Adyen is pleased to offer you the opportunity to develop your Dutch skills together with your colleagues and has commissioned another round of Dutch courses for summer 2022. Please read this page carefully as it contains all the information you will need to register for Dutch courses starting in June 2022. 

Please note:  these courses are ONLY for Adyen staff members (so not applicable for partners of Adyen staff or NextGen or interns).

Dates. The deadline for registration is Wednesday 11 May 2022. The courses will start from the week of 27 June 2022 and run through July and the first half of August. Please note: if you are on holiday in this period for longer than a week then it is not advisable to sign up. There will be another round of courses starting at the end of September. 

Course format. All courses will be ONLINE via Zoom.

  • All courses are 30 hours with 15 x 2 hour lessons.
  • Lessons are twice a week
  • Times are Mon-Fri 0800 – 1000 or 1700 – 1900.
  • Groups are small with around 6 participants.

Procedure. Please complete the registration form below.

  • New students: please use the link at the end of the registration form to sign up for your intake. Intakes will take place in May.
  • Returning students: will receive course detail confirmation in May.

Attendance and time commitment. Adyen expects you to show your full commitment by attending at least 12 of the 15 lessons and by participating actively. You are also expected to spend 1-2 hours on study assignments in between lessons. Please only sign up for the course if you can meet these requirements.

Study agreement. If you have previously participated in a language course offered by Adyen, then a Study Agreement must be signed. The Study Agreement indicates that you agree to re-payment of the course if you do not attend 80% of the classes or termination of employment is within 12 months.

Ready to Register? Please complete the form below. Registration closes 11 May 2022. Registrations after this date will be placed on a waiting list. We have a maximum capacity and when this is reached you will also be placed on the waiting list so please sign up quickly!

If you have any questions, please contact Kate Rose: