(Online) Dutch Courses for the Scientific Community 

The Square Mile and BioPartner offer open enrolment Dutch courses  for members of the scientific community and their partners, with the next round starting September 2020. Participants learn Dutch through Zoom and in person and meet peers from other high-tech enterprises, enhancing both their ability to settle in the region and network within interdependent organisations. What do our current participants say about the 2019-2020 courses?

“It is really nice to be in a small group like ours. We can ask many additional questions and feel involved.”

“Very enjoyable lessons in which I think we are making good progress. Ideal size group, and a good balance between course led book learning (and vocabulary) with conversational teacher led learning. The group has a good rapport between each other and with the teacher, and all seem to be doing well.”

Courses starting September 2020

We are offering a range of courses  for beginners and intermediate learners in very small groups of up to 6 participants.  The groups  will take place mainly online via Zoom and if appropriate at the BioPartner building on the Leiden Bio Science Park. Once we have received your application, we will contact you for a telephone intake to assess your level and allocate you to the most appropriate group.  Courses will be held on the following dates and times, lessons will be once a week for 16 weeks. 

A0 Beginner’s Dutch on Wednesdays 1700-1930 from  late September

A1 Dutch on Wednesdays 1700-1930 from late September

A2 Dutch on Mondays 1700-1930 from  late September

Courses cost €599, payable before the course starts in order to guarantee a place. All courses are 40 hours in duration.

Any details you provide below will be treated confidentially and will be used only for the purposes of organising the Dutch courses.